Friday, May 02, 2014

“Noah” Movie

So the Noah movie came to town this weekend and a few of us decided to go see what the fuss is/was all about.

After seeing it, I can perfectly understand the terrible comments directed toward it. Using the Genesis text as the standard of judgment, it could be said there really isn’t much in the movie that keeps to the text. Criticism is way to easy and far too obvious.

I was more interested to see if I could identify with the perspectives of the positive reviews that I read about the time when the movie first came out (March 28, 2014). I did have to look past the mediocre elements of the portrayal. And I had to consciously set aside the idea that I was seeing a Bible Story. But then I could identify with many, though not necessarily all, positive reflections on the movie.

Here I provide a list of some of the ones to which I refer. (No point in listing negative ones since, ahem, it doesn’t take much thought to come up with them.) I suppose, not surprisingly, the positive reflections are from progressive Christianity and Jewish sources.

The Noah movie is at its strongest when it is working through the psychology of Noah carrying out what he absolutely believes to be a divine command, no matter what that means, even if it means murder in the name of God. It is at its weakest when it is trying to advance the narrative.