Saturday, July 30, 2011

Two more cohos and a rainbow (not trout)

I went down to the beach this afternoon to see if I could grab any more salmon. Turns out I ended up with two cohos (silvers - 銀鮭). Both fought hard. With the first one the line got caught in some large seaweed. It was also high tide with the water line into the rocks, so I couldn’t just slide the fish onto the beach. Just as I was trying to figure out how to land it, someone came by to dump some stuff into the water. He helped grab the fish. With the second one I had gotten it tired and weakened, but still couldn’t figure out how to land it on the rocks. As I began to work it into a nook, it jerked and snapped the line. I jumped into the water, slipping a bit, and getting wet from about thighs down. But the fish was too weak to go anywhere and I was able to grab it and bring it onto the rocks. Both were females and I got a large amount of roe as a bonus. All this makes up for losing a brand new lure today.

Two cohos, on the rocks. Both about 26 inches long. Top one weighing in about 5.5 lbs., the bottom one about 6.0 lbs.

Ready to be fileted. But I didn’t feel like doing the work at the time so I wrapped them whole and placed them in the refrigerator. Maybe tomorrow.

Roe (筋子) curing in brine.

When I went down to dump the fish guts into the water, I saw a nice rainbow. I ran back up to the house and ran back down with a camera, but the rainbow had already faded considerably. You can still see some here.

It’s been cloudy and rainy all week, but the clouds broke for some sun today.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

A good run of salmon

After returning from Hawaii, I’ve been out fishing an hour or so each day. I’ve caught three pinks and one silver during the last three days. I heard that there were orcas in the waters today, feeding vigorously. I think I’ve already nearly equaled the salmon catch I had last year.

Here is a pink (カラフトマス) that I caught today – 22 inches, 3.5 pounds.


Here is my first silver (銀鮭) of the year – 27 inches, 6.5 pounds.


Here is the same silver, fileted and it was a female with roe so some ikura (イクラ).