Wednesday, October 13, 2010

October and Fall is Here

If September was unusually warm and sunny, October makes up for it. Fall is definitely here and with it plenty of rain and wind. There have been quite a few stormy days with heavy rains and strong winds. There have been occasional breaks and some drying -- enough for me to go out on the bike for an hour or so.

Our church group completed our study of the book of Acts and we are now into the Epistle to the Galatians. This is my third time through this epistle in about as many years and I feel like I am finally starting to understand it. It is a short letter but I suspect we will be in it for quite some time.

Yesterday I baked my first Meringue pie - a Lime Meringue Pie - for the Pie Social at the Medical Center's Long-Term Care. Prior to the pies being consumed by residents, staff, and visitors, voting was held for "The Prettiest Pie." When the votes were tallied it turned out that my pie had won! You can view the pie below...

I'll be doing more cooking later this week for a potluck gathering of the ministers and their families.