Thursday, September 23, 2010

Long period of sun

Through yesterday, Petersburg saw twelve consecutive days of sunshine. This is highly unusual for September. In fact this week's newspaper mentioned the word "drought" and reported that the lake, from which we obtain our electricity, the water level was getting so low that restricting the flow was being considered. Fortunately the rains returned today and it looks like it will continue in normal fall fashion for the next two weeks at least.

Since fishing season had pretty much finished, I took advantage of the dry days to get back on the bicycle. I cycled ten of the twelve days and got my fitness back to where it should be. How much will I continue with the rain? I don't know. I definitely felt a change in the weather yesterday. Until yesterday I always rode out of town (heading south) with a tailwind. Yesterday, it was the opposite. The high pressure to the north had broken down and the winds had shifted. It was actually a pleasant change to have tailwind nearly all the way home.

Shelley and a small group from school spent five days over this past weekend in Sitka at a drama and debate tournament.

There isn't much happening that is out of the ordinary. Elise works, Shelley and Amy go to school, and I do what I do -- cook, clean, ride the bike, attend occasional meetings, prepare lessons for church.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sermon: In Jesus' Name

Midway through last week, I was asked if I could fill in on Sunday at the Assemblies of God church service. Not too long before I had come across a text in one e-mailed devotional piece. At that time I thought the subject matter would lend itself well to a sermon, but for the past half-year, our church hadn't had a sermon.

I could see that I was being given an opportunity, but should I take it or not? I didn't want to do it because I wanted to, but because that is what God was opening for me. After spending a day in prayer and thought about it, I accepted.

The topic is, what does it really mean when we "pray in Jesus' name?" Christian prayers frequently end with this phrase or something very close to it.

I am out of the habit of recording sermons, so even though I brought along a recorder I forgot to turn it on. Someone at the church recorded it, so hopefully I will get an audio soon.

In the meanwhile here is my sermon outline. I find a graphical format works better for me (and it's cool on the iPad).